Frequently asked questions

  • What are the steps from getting hired to actually coming to Taiwan? 

After you get a job offer, you will be assigned to a coordinator. He/she will find accommodation, according to your wishes and in the vicinity of the school before your arrival. He/she will also arrange an airport pick up and be your link to the school to communicate about your starting date. 

  • How much will I earn?

The salary is non-negotiable. It is calculated upon your obtained degree and your experience in public schools or Taiwanese private schools. The basic salary is 62 720 NTD. In the Wenchang Junior High School Program an extra attendance bonus of 2000 NTD per month is given if there are no absent days in that month. You will also be given a housing stipend of 5000 NTD (single) or 10 000 (married).  

  • What is the actual salary after all taxes?

As for the tax, the first 6 months you will have to pay 18%. This will be deducted from your salary by the school. Starting from the 7th month you only have to pay 5% of tax. If in that year you have stayed for longer than 183 days in Taiwan, you can get a tax refund of 13% for the first 6 months. This is a cycle that repeats every year starting from January. Our coordinator will help you with the refund process. 

  • What certificate would you need from the public school that I previously worked at?

You will need to prove your experience by showing us a certificate of employment (including the time you have served for them, name of the school, signature/stamp, contact information).

  • Do we not get any school holiday time? (When the students go on school holidays).

School holidays are not included in your contract. You will have to be at school during working hours. Apart from public holidays, you will get paid leave, that you may take after approval from the school. During the breaks, you will have to teach at winter/summer camp. Usually winter camps last 2-5 days and summer camps last 2-10 days.

  • I have a postgraduate degree. It’s higher than a bachelor’s, but lower than a master’s degree, will they pay me more than the basic salary for a bachelor’s?

No, it’s either bachelor's, master’s degree or PhD.

  • Will I be working on weekends?


  • Is there a maximum number of overtime hours I can be assigned per week?

Normally you don't have to work overtime. Your contract states that you will have to work 40 hours a week. If in exceptional circumstances you are asked to work overtime, e.g. during a school event, you may use these hours as a (partial) holiday the following weeks. 

  • How long are the class periods and the breaks in between them?

Classes are 40 to 50 minutes long, with 10-15 minute breaks in between.

  • Is there a teaching plan or do I have to come up with the teaching material?

There is an annual curriculum. Some schools provide the teaching materials, some schools give you the freedom to come up with the lesson plans yourself.

  • My family will be joining in a few months after I have arrived, do I apply for a single first and a family room after?

You can apply for a family stipend from the start.

  • Will I get my ARC, visa, police declaration, work permit, … reimbursed?

Personal documents are for your own cost. Work permit application will be paid by the school.